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Exhibitor Value

Reap the Rewards of Participation

You'll be surprised at the extensive benefits you'll receive from being an exhibitor or a sponsor at our Snowbird Extravaganza. Attendees are community-minded and share unique needs and interests. Selling to one attendee can result in multiple sales for your company down the road. This is an invaluable opportunity to feature your product and/or service to a flourishing market. You will have the chance to build a database of prospects and to generate immediate and post-show sales.

Join the ranks of our prestigious participants. Please contact us today to learn more about becoming an exhibitor or a sponsor at our colossal Extravaganza event. A captive audience awaits you!

Promotion, promotion, promotion...

Promoting our Extravaganza event is the fundamental key to ensuring our massive attendee turnouts. Over the years, we have made promotion and publicity a top priority, thus making our Extravaganza celebration a renowned event throughout North America. Through extensive TV, radio, and print promotion, we guarantee that our show receives abundant media coverage.

We mail personal invitations to the tens of thousands of attendees from the previous year's event, as well as to our 100,000+ CSA members at their winter residences. Our "Grass Roots" campaign spreads the word at numerous parks and communities, which are known as "nesting areas" for snowbirds and winter residents.

As a result of our utmost attention to promotion and publicity, you can be sure that your products and services will be featured to thousands and thousands of potential customers.


We offer incredible sponsorship incentives that include the following:

  • Premier positioning of booths with directional signage to sponsor booth areas
  • Advertisement in our Extravaganza Show Guide
  • Inclusion of your company logo on our Sponsor Logo Banners
  • Radio and print pre-event advertising, which highlights company products and/or services
  • Recognition of sponsorship on our website, as well as in our CSANews magazine
  • Company logo presented repeatedly to our captive audiences on the main stage MAG Screen

Contact us for more information on how you can increase your presence!

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